Lone Star Pure

Elizabeth June – Owner

My name is Elizabeth, and I am the operator of Lone Star Pure. Along with my husband and four children, we yearn to create timeless treasures like Grandma used to make. While I am the sole cook of all our products, our inspiration comes from our children and our fans. While growing this business, we successfully own a second business within the e-commerce world and have two of our four children home full time. Between being a mother, a wife, and a business owner, I have my hands full, but I wouldn’t dream to have it any other way. My favorite hobbies are to cook and to make people happy. I strive to do exactly that through this business, where both can merge in beautiful harmony.

Trying to find that perfect match for the person that is hard to shop for? Are they a foodie or the chef in your family or friend group? Are you looking for a sweet, a spicy, or a mixture of both in a gift to make their holiday or special occasion a little brighter? Look no further, we are your perfect match!